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Going Viral: 6 Common Traits Of A Viral Blog Post

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Facebook users alone trigger 4 million likes every minute. Most of those posts will never make it to viral blog status, but some will.

Have you ever wondered how to improve your blogs (without posting playful kitten videos) to get the traction, comments and sharing that you crave?

Find out the six most common traits/strategies you can use to make your blog popular and most likely to be shared and on the way to going viral!

Title / Keywords

If you are fishing for a viral blog post, you have start with a hook. The title should be fresh, enticing and leave them wanting more.

Utilize trending keywords to keep your work out in front of the crowd.


Speaking of keywords, the more trendy and relatable the topic, the better the chances of it becoming a viral blog. Research other posts that are being shared and commented on. What topics are getting others excited about, angry about, laughing about? Put your spin on it and let it fly!

Draw on emotions. Create controversy. If your idea hits a nerve, whether good or bad, the chances go up it will be shared. Be prepared, if you go this route, for the possibility of some negative feedback. You will not always find a loving response when you shine a spotlight on hot button issues of the day.

Sparking the reader’s curiosity on a topic encourages them to comment or give their own opinion. This also spikes the popularity of your post and helps to increase traffic on the way to your viral blog journey. 

Surprise and delight! Share a secret hack, tip or idea. Everyone loves to have the inside scoop. If it is relevant and actually good advice, they will share it and by doing so, take some of the credit for passing along the knowledge.

Solve a problem. The possibilities are endless here. Whether it is how to fix a broken computer, bike, watch or even a heart, if you can help solve a problem that someone is having out there, you having a winning post.

People don’t use manuals anymore. They use Google! Did you know there are over a billion searches on Google monthly? Make sure your blog post connects with one of those searches!

If you are still having trouble coming up with a topic you think will go viral, here is a resource to further assist you.


It should go without saying, your blog content must be spot on. Hopefully, you are fairly knowledgeable about the subject matter and the tone of the post should reflect that. Be confident in the information you are presenting.

When quoting facts, back them up with a credible link. If you are posting an opinion piece, have reasons for your belief system and why it is important for you to publicly express them.

You should also be aware there are some basic legal guidelines that go into publishing blogs. 

Foster a relationship with the reader. Making a personal connection on a topic that is important to them will increase your chances of the blog going viral.

Give them something to see! Graphics, memes, and videos are great additions to your post. They help with the emotional element and it also breaks up the blocks of text.


Speaking of blocks of text, make sure your potential viral blog is easy to read. People today are always on the go. They read posts while waiting in line at the store, eating lunch, taking a break from work. They need to digest content and information in quick spurts.

When it fits with your subject matter, use lists or bullets to highlight information. Make use of shorter sentences and definitely break down larger paragraphs into smaller sections.

Take out extra words or information that is not needed or repetitive. Bigger is not always better. You should absolutely provide the necessary material, but remove useless filler words.

If you are still unsure, take a moment and read your post out loud. If it flows and is easy to understand, you should be fine. This is also a good way to find errors such as missing or double words that are easy to overlook when typing.  


Whatever you have promised to deliver in your introduction, make sure you follow through. Whether it is an answer to a problem, advice to a dilemma or tips for a solution; somewhere within the body of that post should be exactly what the reader needs. Providing quick and detailed solutions is a great way to get noticed.

It is also a good idea to provide a call to action. Give them an assignment or encouragement to try something. Offer ways this will add value to their situation or life. Motivating them to action may also motivate them to pass along your ideas and before you know it – the post has gone viral!

Post! Post! Post!

Once you have read, proofread, and read again, now is the time to post, and post everywhere! Facebook, Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, forums; whatever social media and outlets you have at your disposal, use them!

You should also post them multiple times. Your audience is in different time zones all over the world! Re-post at various times (use a scheduler) to make sure it is front and center no matter where in the world someone is reading.

Add social media buttons to your post. When someone is in the moment and finds access right there to share, they are more likely to hit that button. Make it easy for them to find.

Ask for shares! Don’t be shy. Promote your work and encourage readers to share and spread your message. A little reminder never hurts!

Here is some additional information on promoting your blog online.

Even with tons of research and hard work, there are no guarantees you end up with a viral blog post. It is hard to hit the right formula every time. Just don’t give up. With great content, consistently showing up for your readers, and following the tips above, you have the recipe for success!

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