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Hitting It Big: 5 Wildly Successful Blogs (And What We Can Learn From Them)

successful blogs

Are you a blogger?

If you aren’t, there’s still a good chance you’ve considered it. With the current levels of social media oversaturation, you may feel like your blog would be lost in the shuffle. 

After all, 79% of Americans are on Facebook today. With the advent of internet sharing (and occasional oversharing), you may wonder what it is that makes successful blogs such a big hit.

We’re here to decode the science of successful blogs and help you create one with the potential to skyrocket your brand. Read on to learn more about from these wildly successful blogs and what tips you can steal from them.

1. Top Tech Blog: Mashable

Mashable’s model is a bit of a news hybrid. Mashable offers social media, tech, and pop culture content in a sleek and current format.

People who follow the Mashable blog trust the platform for near real-time updates on the tech and internet news items they care about most. While maintaining their pop culture street cred, they don’t compromise on content. 

You can expect great interviews and exclusive content in an easy read, easy to process format. This is incredibly important for blogging. 

Successful bloggers have mastered the art of succinct pieces. Minimizing fluff is important to maintaining audience attention.

Don’t ramble on and keep your blog pieces well spaced. Large paragraphs and blogs with an inadequate level of visual content can get lost in the shuffle. 

Take their model to heart and make sure you use lots of photo and video content to break up the text in your blog.

2. Successful Blogs: Influencer Edition

Another popular subsection of the blogging world includes… influencers.

Influencers are social media stars that have built a large following from scratch. While some bloggers are guilty of inflating their social media following with fake likes and followers, page views and unique website visitors reveal all.

Most true influencers are not to be confused with regular celebrities.

While celebrities have gained their massive following from other career achievements, influencers are famous for what they post. 

So what makes someone follow an influencer blog? Content. 

Influencers have mastered the art of defining their niche and adding value. What does this mean? It means that followers gain something from them whenever they visit their page. 

One of the biggest sins in the social media world is attempting to make your blog or brand too broad. It’s nearly impossible to compete for everyone’s attention at once. Instead, pick a market where reaching influencer status is achievable. 

Makeup blogs, for example, are a good example of a niche.

Specialty niche subsections (think alternative, girly, rockabilly, urban) are an even more achievable niche subsection. Knowing exactly who you’re marketing to and keeping this demographic in mind when writing is crucial for your blog’s success.

3. Entrepreneurial Bloggers: Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example for anyone looking to create an entrepreneurial blog.

Gary doesn’t have a lot of the qualities that you’d normally associate with an influencer, but his influencer status still eclipses most individuals who blog. So how does he do it?

Gary capitalizes on ‘adding value’ and using the niche model. He’s not telling companies how to save money with tax loopholes or use outsourcing to improve their bottom line. 

Gary uses his expertise in the field of social media marketing to reach his niche. He preaches the wonders of e-comm, the importance of documenting your life, and how everyone has the potential to create a successful business online.

People trust him because of his own successes and because he gives away much of this information for free. Why do they keep coming back to Gary?

Because Gary is consistent.

Uploading content on a consistent basis makes your audience return again and again to your page to see what you’re up to and what you’re ready to offer them next. So be like Gary, make consistent uploads and create great content.

4. Celebrity News Blogs: Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton may be a household name but he may not be the most loved person in the world of celebrities. Perez Hilton’s successful online blog capitalizes on trending content. 

This means he’s posting the latest photos of that star that just got out of rehab or that red-carpet wardrobe malfunction some starlet hopes the camera missed. This trending model helps bring new people to his platform on a consistent basis.

Hilton’s followers know that if something is gossip-worthy, chances are Perez will have posted the information they’re looking for. While this method may not win him any celebrity friends, it’s certainly won him an audience.

5. Celeb Bloggers: Stars with Blogs

Celebrity bloggers are capitalizing on what’s next.

Sure, they’re already famous, but in the interest of staying current and making a little extra money, they’re decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon.

What can you learn from this that will help you propel your blog? It’s important to stay current. Go where the audience is.

Driving traffic to your website is the most efficient way to maintain your online presence. Why? Because platforms change. Vine and MySpace are two examples of platforms that lost their audience. 

Celebrity bloggers know that their audience is moving increasingly toward the internet. They can both maintain their current level of stardom and redirect them to whatever their favored social media platform is as well. 

As long as the traffic is coming to you, you can always tell them where else they can find you. You don’t have to worry about losing the following you worked hard to build just because your preferred platform has gone out of style.

The Next Step: Starting Your Own Successful Blog

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We post lots of great tips and tricks that can help you broaden your audience and make money off what you have to offer. So, go forward and create!

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