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How AI Content Can Improve Your SEO and Your Company’s Bottom Line

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Unless you’ve been living on a desert island for the last several years, you’ve undoubtedly heard about AI-generated content. AI, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, is a new and quickly-rising technology sector with a wide range of amazing, time-saving benefits. Can it do everything? No, not yet, but it can be extremely helpful when a business, organization, or entrepreneur needs new, engaging, and thought-provoking content, and needs it quickly. Below we’ll take a closer look at AI content, including, one of the best free AI content generators on the market right now.

What is Content?

To explain AI-generated content it’s best to first know what content is. Content is anything an individual or an organization shares with the public, including clients, customers, or the world at large. That includes everything from blog posts

to newsletters, white papers, press releases, videos, images, and even graphics. Practically anything that a consumer reads, listens to or watches is considered content, including online and in the real world such as magazines and books.

The need for new content is staggering. Millions of businesses and individuals are creating new content every day and sharing it via one of the hundreds of portals where it can be viewed and consumed. Social media sites like Youtube and Instagram see millions of new content posts daily, as do websites and other applications. Some liken the public’s need for new content to a massive beast that needs to be constantly fed, and in many ways that analogy is correct.

For businesses, new content is one of the best methods of engaging with customers, creating an affinity for their products, and, most importantly, generating new sales. Marketing materials, blog posts, and even descriptions of new products are content and that content needs to be created. Today, however, human content creators are getting a huge hand from artificial intelligence and AI content-generating programs like

What is AI Content?

AI content or, more specifically, AI-generated content. is any content that’s been created wholly or partially by a machine. For an AI content-generating program to work correctly, the user must first input information and data about the content they wish to have created. For example, if an individual or organization needed a blog post explaining their new product, the user would input info into the AI app like keywords to use, phrases that might be said about the product, and topics that might be discussed. This information and any other relevant data would all be input into the AI application.

Once the AI content generator has the information it needs, it can then create new content. To do this, the application will search the internet, much like a human copywriter, finding the words, data, and info it needs. Once found, that data is then turned into whatever type of content is necessary, from a magazine article to a blog post, social media post, etc.

AI content generators can also take an existing piece of content and repurpose it into something new and relatively unique. For example, can take an article from a company’s website and turn that article into several shorter blogs or social media posts. The app can also take an existing piece of content from anywhere on the web and turn it into new content with similar information but written so that it won’t be flagged as being plagiarized.

Is AI Content Good for SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is vital to the success of any content posted on the web. By using SEO best practices an individual or organization can attract new customers and clients to a website, social media site, and so forth. Using keywords and key phrases, a piece of content optimized for SEO will have a much larger and more profitable impact on an organization’s bottom line.

Knowing that SEO is vital for content success, the first question you might ask is whether AI-generated content is good, or beneficial, from an SEO standpoint.

The answer is a definite yes.

You see, from an SEO point of view, an AI content generation app can gather all of the very best, most relevant keywords and phrases that consumers are searching for and use them in any content it generates. Indeed, because it uses AI, a content generator will find keywords and phrases that even an experienced human copywriter might miss. Yes, the correct data must be input into the AI app, but once it’s input the app will find practically anything and everything relevant to the intended purpose of the content. In short, AI content generation is great for SEO purposes.

Does Google Accept AI Content?

When it comes to SEO, Google, the world’s premier information database and ubiquitous web-based information search tool, sets the qualifications for SEO and whether it’s admissible or not. With the massive rise in AI-generated content over the last several years, it was only a matter of time before the content behemoth gave their opinion, good or bad. Their opinion; as long as it’s made with people in mind and not solely created to rank a piece of content, AI-generated content is A-OK with them.

Danny Sullivan, the American journalist, and entrepreneur who is also Google’s public liaison for search, had this to say about AI-generated content on Twitter in 2022: “We haven’t said AI content is bad. We’ve said, pretty clearly, content written primarily for search engines rather than humans is the issue.”

In other words, as long as the content being generated by AI apps like is focused on informing the public at large about a specific subject, Google has no problem with AI-generated content. What they want to see is content that does what content is supposed to do; inform the public without simply vomiting out content for SEO’s sake.

The Benefits of Using AI Content

Using AI-generated content has several excellent benefits that can be incredibly helpful for entrepreneurs and organizations alike. Admittedly, it might at first seem threatening to human copywriters. However, when taken as a whole, the benefits to copywriters, as well as businesses, are quite clear. Below are some of the best AI content creation benefits.

AI-Content is Infinitely Scalable

Let’s say that you’ve just started a new business and need content for your website or blog. With an AI content generator app like, you can easily and quickly have content created for your new business by a single copywriter. That copywriter can use an AI content app to create new content in minutes as well as give it a “thumbs up” in terms of how it reads and whether it’s geared to the specific need and consumer market.

Now let’s say that your business, after several months, is growing by leaps and bounds and you need much more new content to keep up with the new, bigger consumer demand. Rather than hire several new copywriters (and take on the extra costs associated with hiring more employees), the single copywriter you’ve had working for you can generate all the content you need almost as fast as before, and maybe even faster.

AI-Content is Cost Effective

There’s no denying that a talented copywriter can create excellent, engaging content. However, the creation of that content takes time, effort, and, of course, money. With AI-generated content, though, all 3 of those factors are reduced significantly. Also, since many AI content generation apps are free, there would be no extra cost at all to use one. Even paid AI apps are quite inexpensive and would cost very little to generate tens of thousands of words for a fraction of the cost to hire a copywriting staff.

AI-Content can Help with Writer’s Block

If you’re a copywriter who’s a little burnt-out or having a hard time with writer’s block, an AI content generation app can do wonders. Using the app you can generate a piece of content that’s almost what you need and then tweak, rewrite, and otherwise improve it, making it your own with a lot less effort and headaches. AI content generation can also help you determine what keywords and phrases are best used in any new piece of content and do it in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional research.

The Downside of AI Content Generators

It should be noted that AI content-generating apps do have several slight downsides. For example, while they can certainly write about subjects that are definitively “black & white”, writing content about the gray areas many subjects have is one area where AI generators often fail. Also, because they pull from the same sources and use the same information but often lack the proper “flow”, some AI-generated content will get flagged as plagiarized by Google or go against their guideline for stitching and combining content.

How EditAI Works

EditAI works like many apps in that you need to input data that pertains to the content you want to have created. However, unlike many AI apps, EditAI goes the extra human mile. The 4 basic steps include the following:

  1. A request for new content is made with specific SEO details.
  2. A 1st-draft is created by EditAI
  3. Human copywriters thoroughly edit the new piece of content.
  4. The final piece of content is delivered.

As you can see, using EditAI is easy, fast and, with human input from professional copywriters, provides scintillating, engaging, and profit-producing content at a fraction of the cost.

Final Thoughts

AI content generation is the future of copywriting and has been around longer than you might think. (Grammarly, MS Word and other apps have used AI for several years now.) The good news is that, rather tan trying to run from it, most copywriters are embracing this new technology and the many benefits it delivers. They include infinite scalability, which is just the tip of the content iceberg.

AI-generated content is also incredibly cost-effective and can help businesses big and small create the content they need to succeed for a fraction of the cost and time needed previously. It’s even been shown to help copywriters get over writer’s block, a problem that plagues many in the industry. As for SEO, even Google is OK with AI-generated content as long as it’s geared towards consumers rather than keyword stuffing! In short, AI-content generation using apps like EditAI is a no-brainer, especially for entrepreneurs on a budget and business trying to keep theirs in check! For a no-strings demo, click the link and start creating content like a pro today!

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