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How to Source Trending Blog Post Topics to Keep Your Blog Relevant

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You might know that a lot of content is posted online every day, but did you realize that a full 4.4 million blog posts were posted per day as of March 2019? During the 2020 pandemic, that number has only climbed.

Staying relevant when so many posts are published daily is a significant challenge faced by every business. You must know what your audience is looking for so you can capture their attention and engagement.

How do you find trending blog post topics for your website? Here are some ideas to try today.

Have a Content Marketing Plan

The first step to any blog writing is to have a plan. Too many businesses publish blog posts with no idea what they’re trying to accomplish, and unfortunately they end up lost in the noise online.

Start by understanding your customer journey. How do they become aware of you? What steps do they take to engage, consider your products and services, and ultimately buy from you?

From there, you can plan your content strategy. Determine how you can create content that meets your leads at each point of the marketing funnel. Use a variety of media, including video, infographics, and blog posts.

Finally, make sure each piece of content has a job. It should engage your audience where they are and invite them to take the next step forward in the process.

Use Google Trends for Popular Searches

What’s the most relevant information you can target in a blog post? The things your audience is searching for today! You can find that information using Google Trends.

Enter a term related to your product, service, or industry. You’ll get a wealth of information about what searches affect that topic right now. You can even look back through time and find out what the overall trends are for the search term.

You’ll find that some items are currently very hot, but once they resolve are unlikely to be search topics, such as COVID-19. Other topics are consistently popular but may have seasonal trends.

When you use Google Trends, you’ll know what to target and when those blog posts will be most relevant. You’ll have no end to on-trend content ideas, and it will boost your search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

Check Out AnswerthePublic

Once you’ve determined what search terms to target, you might wonder exactly what to write about those phrases. You don’t want to do a single post and be done. You need a lot of ideas.

Using AnswerthePublic is a great solution. The site will take a single term and give you questions people ask about it — divided into Who, What, When, Why, and How.

This allows you to break a single idea into smaller pieces and address many angles in depth. It’s a meaningful way to create a lot of content from one term or phrase. It also adds value to your audience because you cover the topic in more detail.

Do Competitor Research

What blog post ideas are your competitors using? Researching their blogs can help you determine what’s popular in your industry and give you ideas to cover yourself.

You want to avoid merely restating a competitor’s idea. Instead, offer a fresh take or focus on something you felt was missing in the original post.

Pay attention to what competitor content is getting a lot of attention from their audience. Are there comments, or is it frequently shared? You can use a variety of tools to look behind-the-scenes and determine the popularity of blog posts and social media content.

Pay Attention to Trends on Social Media

Speaking of social media, there’s nothing more relevant than what’s trending on various platforms. Social media is designed to showcase what people are discussing today, so take advantage of it.

See what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook, and then use those ideas to create relevant content. This works for both niche writing and overall authority blogs. BuzzSumo is an excellent paid tool that will show you how individual blog posts have done on various social media outlets.

Twitter has a specific “what’s trending” sidebar, so take a look at that regularly. Another great option is Quora. This platform is all about asking and answering questions. You can participate on the website, but why not take common questions about your industry and turn them into blog posts?

Because social media is real-time, it’s the epitome of what’s trending right now.

Ask Your Audience

All of the content you create is for your audience, so why not ask them what they want to see? You can do a poll or create content based on frequently asked questions you receive from leads or customers.

Take a look at your existing blog posts and see which ones got the most attention. Google Analytics can allow you to see what people love to read and share. Consider updating those posts or creating similar content.

Finally, take a look at your community on social media. What do your followers talk about? What are they sharing? You can use that information to create graphics, videos, and other content that’s highly relevant to their needs.

Get Your Blog Post Topics Written Today!

All of this content research is challenging for most business owners. That’s why so many of them outsource their blog post creation to high-quality content companies like iWriter.

We can help you develop blog post topics, create excellent written content, and deliver it to you on-time. That allows you to execute your content marketing strategy without having to spend hundreds of hours writing blog posts.

If you’re ready to get excellent, relevant content for your blog, we’re here to help. Contact us today for more information!

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