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Is It Time To Outsource Your Blog? 6 Signs You Should Hire A Blog Writing Service

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What if writing a blog could be as easy as ordering an Uber? You just enter some values into a form and then pay for what you use.

Sounds great, right? It’s probably a lot easier than your current blog writing process, which – let’s face it – isn’t what you’d like it to be. If it were, you wouldn’t be reading this article.

Hiring a blog writing service is the direction most businesses are going, due to its long list of benefits. Including the one where it gets one thing off your back.

Think it’s time to outsource but you’re not sure? Here are six reasons it’s time, in the guide below.

1. It’s Not Getting Done

In your business you pride yourself on providing consistent and quality service to your clients – right? But when it comes to creating valuable and consistent blog posts, you’re failing them.

And that’s understandable. Business owners were already wearing ten different hats before social media. Now it seems like they have to wear twenty hats at all times.

It’s okay if creating blog content is a hat you don’t want to wear anymore. There are people who’d love to pick up that hat and try it on – and they’re professionals.

When you hire a content writer, the most you’ll need to do is supply keywords and make an order.

2. You Can’t Write

Another reason to hire professionals? You can’t write, as hard as you try. Writing is part effort, but some of it comes from natural talent.

Not all of us have that. Writers are born storytellers who are practiced in capturing peoples attention – and that starts with the headline.

What do you think has the power to make people read your blog? It’s the headline – it’s general quality. If you have a bad headline, people won’t bother to click it.

That’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders, and it’s just the title of the post!

Then comes the determination. Can you write a captivating blog post about the most boring product or service you sell? 1500 words on the keyword “jet water cutters”?

Not without pulling your hair out, but a content writer can. They’ll get it done before you would have even finished with the keyword research.

3. It’s Making You Unhappy

Nothing in life is worth being unhappy for – especially when it comes to your business. If creating blog content is making you unhappy, why not hand it off to someone else?

Writing voice is very obvious. If your customers read your blogs you wrote when you were in a bad mood, the negativity will translate through.

If you’re not motivated about something, you’re not going to do as good of a job either. Taking the stress of blog writing off your shoulders can help you do a better job at other tasks.

When it comes to outsourcing your blog writing, it turns out that money can buy (at least a little) happiness.

4. You’re Getting Low Engagement

There are two main things content writers know how to do: write and strategize their posts for SEO. They know which niches need which voices and how to tell a quality external link from one that won’t win you any Google points.

They’re also better at engaging your readers. The longer a reader stays on your page, the better your bounce rate.

They understand which CTA’s are appropriate to each blog post and can help you get more conversions.

A blog written by a content writer is more likely to get shares on social media, which is what we all strive for. There is such thing as bad press – and that’s when no one shares your blogs.

Finally, a content writer understands target audiences, as long as you give them the data. They can write in a voice that speaks to your specific audience, which will increase the number of people that actually read your article.

5. You Don’t Have a Strategy

Are you writing blog posts only when you have an idea? How often is that, when you both have a good idea and have the time to write about it?

And how related is this idea to the last one? Your readers aren’t going to keep coming back to your blog if they don’t know what to expect.

You need to come up with a strategy for your blog posts – will they all be explanations of how to use a product? Will they feature an employee?

Think about how well book series do – that applies to blog series as well. People like knowing they’re going to get more of something they like and they like to know when they can expect it.

Our team can help you come up with a blog strategy that makes sense for your company and your SEO goals.

6. You Have the Funds

If you can afford to outsource your writing (and it’s really not that expensive) then you really should. Not only will you get better engagement and higher quality posts, but you’ll get to take one of those weights off your shoulders.

You’ll have access to a pool of writers, all of whom can deliver fresh perspectives. You can get help topic brainstorming and coming up with a content strategy.

And – you can write it off. It’s a business expense, after all!

Hiring a Blog Writing Service

Let’s address one final concern you may have with outsourcing content – ownership and credit. You’re worried that people will know you’re outsourcing your content, but they won’t.

Our writing services are ghostwritten – which means you can put any name on them that you’d like, including your own. You’re not just buying the blog writing service, you’re buying the rights to the content.

It’s as much yours as any other part of your business – so what are you waiting for? Talk to someone on our team today.

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