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Quick Tips For Navigating The Platform As A Writer

iWriter is a great place for you to build your freelance writing career. With thousands of clients across various industries requiring content in many different categories, our writers are at the core of our business. We appreciate your dedication and the creative efforts you provide to our community.

Quick Tips

We know many of you are new to the platform and we would like to provide some guidance for navigating the site. This article outlines some of the main features on the site that will help you earn more and build successful relationships with clients.

So, without further adieu, let’s get started!


Updating your profile is the best way to expose your strengths and interests to potential clients. We suggest filling in as much information as you can provide, including the bio and samples of your work so that clients can find you successfully.

To access your profile, click on your username at the top right-hand corner of your dashboard page when you log in.

Accessing the Writer’s Queue

To access the writer queue, click ‘Write Content’ at the top of your dashboard. The writer levels are indicated at the top of the queue and your writer level tier will be highlighted. You will only be able to access orders on the tier level you have been hired for and below. For example, if you are hired on the Premium tier, you will have access to both Premium and Standard level orders.

Writers have various amounts of time to complete projects based upon the word count as follows :

Words | Time Allotted
150 = 2.5 hours
300 = 3 hours
400 = 4 hours
500 = 5 hours
700 = 7 hours
1000 = 9 hours
1500 = 14 hours
2000 = 20 hours
2500 = 23 hours
3000 = 30 hours
3500 = 32 hours
4000 = 40 hours
5000 = 42 hours
6000 = 44 hours

Content Creation Process

You can access your current orders by clicking the colorful labeled buttons under Content Creation Process on your dashboard. This section is broken down into the following categories:

In Draft – When you access an order and begin working on it, the order will appear here. To cancel an order, simply scroll down to the bottom of the text editor and select ‘Cancel’. This will submit the order back to the general writing queue for another writer to access.

Revisions Needed – When a client requests revisions, your order will appear in this queue. You will have 3 days to complete revisions and resubmit the order.

Special Requests – Clients may send you Special Requests on the Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus tiers.

Pending Approval – Once you have finished writing content and submitted an order, the client has 3 days to request revisions, reject, or accept your content. The order will appear in this queue until the order is complete.

Rejected – If a client rejects your content, the order will appear here. You can review the rejection reason by clicking on the small gray (+) box to the left of your order title. Then, click anywhere in the drop-down menu that appears to review the rejection rating/reason.

Completed – When a client accepts your content, the order will appear here and you will be paid.


After you have completed an order and it has been accepted by the client, you will have the opportunity to rate the client and provide a review.

To do this you must access your ‘Completed’ queue.

Next, click the small gray (+) box to the left of your order title. This will drop down another menu. Click anywhere in that drop-down menu and a small window will appear where you can leave your rating and comments.


The messaging feature allows you to communicate with your client for open/working orders.

To send a message to your client, access your Manage Orders screen for your ‘In Draft’ or ‘Revisions Needed’ queues.

Next, click the small gray (+) box to the left of your order title. This will drop down another menu where you will see a small envelope under the ‘Contact Client’ field. Click that envelope to send a message to your client.


Earnings will update as you are paid for each order in your ‘Total Earnings’ balance indicated on your dashboard. Pending orders will appear in your ‘Pending Approval’ balance.

Writers must earn a minimum of $20 each week in order to be paid out.

Payments made on Tuesday of each week will be for earnings through Monday of the previous week. For example, payments for Tuesday 3/31/20 were for earnings through Monday of the previous week, week ending 3/23/20. Earnings over $20 past that date will be paid the following Tuesday. You can always see the amount you will be paid on the next payday via your ‘Pay Period Earnings’ balance.


We hope you found this information helpful as you learn to navigate the site. As a reminder, you can always reference our FAQs page here with questions.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] with other questions or concerns. Our team is available and ready to help!

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