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Swimming Up Mainstream: 10 Clever Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed by Mainstream Media

get your blog noticed

There are currently over 400 million people reading blogs every day. If your blog isn’t one of them, or if you want a bigger slice of that 400 million, what can you do?

There are the usual routes of paid advertising, social media campaigns, grinding hard to develop your blog, etc. While those methods work, there’s another way to get your blog noticed that you might not have considered. 

Mainstream media is called mainstream for a reason. It dominates attention and trust, with over 57% of the nation getting their information from it.

Want to know how to get your writing in front of all of those eyeballs and drive traffic to your site?

Here are 10 tips on getting blog publicity from mainstream media that you’ve never thought of before! 

1) Content is King

You’ve heard it before but we’re going to say it again. Content is king when it comes to getting noticed.

You need to focus on delivering quality writing and dependable information. Well-researched long-form posts are going to do better than small blurbs full of hearsay and rumors.

Before you try any of the other tips on this list, make sure your blog is something that your readers — and the mainstream media — can count on.

2) Press Releases

Old fashioned press releases aren’t dead. But if you want yours to stand out, you need to be smart about how you write them.

Here’s a quick guide to writing a press release that gets noticed:

  • Start with an attention-grabbing hook but keep it simple, just a few sentences
  • Put the main information (who, what, where, etc) in bullet points
  • Target relevant media. For example, if your post is about a cat charity, don’t reach out to a dog rescue magazine
  • Always write in the third person

The most important part? Make sure your contact info clearly visible either at the top or the bottom.

3) Develop Your Angle

Your blog shouldn’t just be a place to dump your thoughts and feelings on everything that crosses your mind. It needs to have a focus and, most importantly, and angle.

Find your unique selling point and write about it in an authentic, original way. Offer something that no one else does and your relevancy will increase. 

4) Build Your Contacts

If journalists won’t come to you, you need to go to them. This starts with creating a list of media bloggers and journalists you want to work with.

Here’s how to build your contact list:

  • Take notes of any names associated with writing and editing at your target media magazines, newspapers, blogs, etc.
  • Engage with your potential contacts on social media
  • Try guessing the emails of potential contacts (like [email protected])
  • Set off Google alerts for journalists’ names by mentioning them in your blog

The most important key to all of this is to be respectful. Don’t harass your potential contacts, follow and reblog their stuff, and only send them relevant info. 

5) Start Local

While your goal is to get mentioned on a major network or publication, your best bet could be starting small. Local news outlets are always searching for interesting takes on events and happenings.

Getting your name in your hometown news is a way to start building your brand. You generate trust and grow your authenticity which will attract attention from bigger media companies.

6) Break and Scoop

Remember the movie Legally Blonde‘s “Bend and Snap” routine to snag a man’s attention? We’re going to teach you to “Break and Scoop”.

Get on the forefront of where the action is to break news and scoop mainstream reporters. If you can be the fastest, most reliable source of information, you’ll be a mainstream blog in no time.

7) Helpful Hashtags

Twitter is your best bet to break and scoop on social media. Use hashtags to find what’s hot and promote your blog.

You can even use hashtags to see what mainstream media outlets are looking for. Search for the hashtag #journorequests to see what information journalists are seeking.

Word of warning: never use sensitive hashtags in a tacky or overly promotional way. You’ll get lots of attention — the bad kind.

8) Host an Event

Got a bit of cash to throw around? Spend it wisely by hosting an event that’s relevant to your niche, then invite the who’s who you need to get noticed.

If no one is creating buzz around you, do it yourself. And hey — who doesn’t like free food and a good time?

9) Be Strategic

Are you treating blogging like a real job or like a hobby? The difference between the two is your strategy.

If you’re just blogging when you feel like it, then it’s just a side project. If you want to be a mainstream blog, you need to generate content ideas, hit deadlines, and promote.

It doesn’t have to consume your entire life. Here’s how to manage your time and your blog without going crazy:

  • Spend two hours a week creating content, one for research and one for the post
  • Spend one hour looking for blogs you can contact or comment on to help grow your audience
  • Send two hours promoting your content and reaching out to your list of contacts

If you want your blog to get attention, you’ll have to give it your attention first.

10) You Get What You Give

At the end of the day, journalists are looking for one major thing: help. Before you can get anything from anybody, spend some time giving them what they need.

Supplying information or contacts will help you get noticed. You’ll be the first person they think of the next time they have a need.

Get Your Blog Noticed Fast

You’ve got your work cut out for you if you want to get your blog noticed. Put together, these tips and tricks have the potential to make your blog a mainstream media powerhouse.

Want to boost the quality of your content but don’t have the time to give it your full attention? We can help you hit the ground running.

Contact us today and we’ll help you get the content you need at a price you won’t believe.

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