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The Benefits of Blogging: Why is Blogging a Good Investment?

benefits of blogging

We don’t pick up the Yellow Pages to find a good business anymore. We Google them. In one survey, 8 out of 10 people used a search engine to find a local business.

Search engines are at the top of the marketing totem pole. Any business looking for customers must acknowledge this new trend. So, why would you neglect to plan your business marketing and advertising around it?

You won’t. You realize that internet marketing is a valuable tool. Blogging is one of the most valuable tools in a good internet marketing plan.

The benefits of blogging are so huge that you need to include it in your plan. Read on to learn why.

Benefits of Blogging

Blogging is a must for anyone who wants to promote their website and business. Invest some time into blogging and the rewards will come back to you.

It’s not the kind of marketing tool you need to worry about too much, either. Write a blog post once or twice and week, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying the benefits.

Here are some of the most important benefits of blogging.

Low-Risk Investment

You can write a blog post and all you’ve invested in is some time and effort. Consider it time well spent on advertising and marketing your business.

You can pay someone to write for you, too. This is a good option for people who need a blog but don’t have the time or skills for writing. The money you spend on content will return to you in the way of traffic, new clients, and sales.

Blogging is a very low-risk investment. It takes little upfront money to start and the returns are good. The main financial investment is in your website and hosting.

The rest is an investment in time. Unless you hire a writer or SEO company to do your blog writing for you. That investment is also affordable and low risk!

Increase Search Engine Rank

Search engine rankings are an important part of being in business. And not only for online business, either. If someone Googles results for a local business, you still want to be at the top of the list.

It’s a fact that people use search engine results to find what they need. Blogging about your field of business can help boost your rankings in a search. Especially if you are keen on using keywords that are very searchable.

Other people writing about your field may link back to your articles, too. This is great! It generates even more attention to your blog content and opens you up to their followers, too.

Funnels Traffic to Your Website

Looking to get more traffic to your blog or website? Consistent blogging can help. Here’s how it works:

  1. Write a good blog article or post
  2. Post it
  3. Advertise it
  4. People will find you

To get people to visit, make sure your blog posts direct them back to you. Each blog post should include backlinks to your website. You can also link to other articles on your blog and your sales pages.

People reading your blog will click and visit. They may share your article with friends who will do the same. This all leads to more traffic for you.

Want to increase that potential? Post your blog on social media to generate even more traffic. Boosting social media with blog content is a great way to funnel traffic into your website.

Builds Your Brand

A good logo and website announce your brand to the world. Blogging establishes your reputation and brings credibility to that brand identity. You can strengthen the quality of your brand by blogging.

How does this help? It gets your name out there in the crowd. It makes you recognizable above your competitors.

When customers look for a business, they’ll recognize you as an established brand. That’s what brand building is all about. It makes hiring you or buying your product feel less risky.

Establishes Authority in Your Field

Those with authority in something write about it. Published authors are experts in their field of business. So are bloggers.

First, be sure you’re writing content that is useful, relevant and accurate. Your blog must be a resource in your field of business.

Share your knowledge with your customer base. Increase your authority on all things in your field of interest.

Customers will come to you with questions and concerns. It promotes credibility and generates business. 

Generates Leads

Don’t wait for business to come to you.Lead generation accounts for a significant amount of business.

People who read your blog can subscribe to read daily or weekly updates. This helps you capture data to use in building leads. These are leads you can follow to find potential clients.

The benefits of lead generation through blogging never go away. Your articles and blog posts will continue to generate leads as long as they are active and relevant! 

Results Happen Fast

You should consider blogging as a long-term effort. The best blogs have tons of good content for readers to consider. You’ll need some time to build this kind of quality in your blog.

Yet, when you blog on a consistent basis, you’ll see results faster. All it takes is one click on your link, and you’ve got a potential reader and customer.

Imagine if that one person shares your article? Then, one click leads to 10 more clicks and readers. You can see how it can build in increments.

All you need to do is start blogging. You’ll see results in a short period of time!

Start Blogging Today!

It’s time to take your business marketing plan to the next level. Blogging is the way to do it.

There are many benefits of blogging, and you don’t need much to get started. You can create blog content that generates business, today!

Looking for more help with creating content for your blog? We’d love to help. Send us a message!

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