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This Is How to Come Up With Ideas for Your Blog

how to come up with ideas

Having writer’s block is aggravating.

It’s especially aggravating when it hits you in the middle of a roll. You may have finally gotten to a point a couple of months ago where your blog was actively gaining subscribers, and you felt good about every post you made.

Now, out of nowhere, you can’t seem to think of anything good to write about. You’ve sat down with a cup of strong coffee, written down at least 20 ideas, but nothing seems good enough. 

We are here to help. Below is some advice on how to come up with ideas to blog about!

Take a Breath

A lot of the time we can create too much pressure on ourselves to perform well. This can lead to a lot of internalized anxiety. The anxiety can cause a blockage in creativity. 

When we constantly push ourselves to always be the best, our mind quickly wears down. That’s why it’s best to sometimes step away and let go of the blogging responsibility for a bit.

This doesn’t necessarily mean a several month hiatus from your blog, but don’t be afraid to disconnect for a day or two from writing articles. Focus on another task to keep yourself busy. 

You can respond to emails, do some mindless administrative tasks, or even step away from technology altogether. 

Keep a Secret Journal

There’s definitely a discipline that goes into blogging. You have to come up with ideas, make some outlines, and develop eye-catching keywords.

One great way to come up with blog post ideas is to start a secret journal where you hold nothing back. Sit down, relax, and just write and scribble. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar.

Your mind may just have some things it needs to get on paper before you hop back on the computer. Highlight any ideas or keywords that could be successful for your next blog post. 

Keep Notes on Your Phone

You never know when a brilliant blog post idea might strike. An idea could come while grocery shopping, driving home from work, or grabbing lunch with friends.

As soon as you start to think of an idea, pull out your phone and jot it down. Try to include as many quick details as possible so it makes sense when you read it the next day. 

You’d be surprised how many ideas you unknowingly push away throughout your daily routine. While you workout, you could be inspired to write about how your company inspires people to be healthier. As you try on your work outfit, you might be inspired to write about the sustainable fashion your business creates. 

Inspiration is everywhere, but you just have to know where to look!

Refer to Previous Blog Posts

Take a few hours to revisit some old blog posts. Write down things about them that you loved and the things you’d like to change. Notice ideas you mentioned in passing but never elaborated upon.

Elaborating on ideas that weren’t initially drawn out could lead to some great content. You can even see if people commented any questions in regard to the passing comments you wrote.

People surprise you with what grabs their attention. What seems silly to you could be gold to a reader. You can even draw inspiration from past blog post images.

Ask Your Audience

No matter how big or little of an active following you have, interacting with your subscribers is crucial! When deciding on article ideas, ask your followers to pitch their ideas.

You can do this in a variety of ways thanks to the power of the internet. One way is by creating an idea submission box on your actual site, or you can take a poll on Instagram or Twitter.

In Instagram stories, you can actually include a box for people to write back. You can even hold an Instagram live session where you connect with followers in real-time and ask them to comment ideas they have.

Keep up with your DMs and any emails because people may have already been sharing ideas without you even noticing! Plus, if you use a subscriber’s idea, it’ll show you care about your readers’ input.

Look at Other Blogs

While it’s not right to directly copy someone else’s work, it’s totally okay to borrow concepts from other blogs and competitors. What worked well for someone else might just work out for you as well.

You can even create counterpoints to a competitor’s blog post. While you shouldn’t directly attack them, adding onto a conversation could entice a handful of readers. Readers often enjoy hearing from both sides on one subject.

Interview Someone

If your blog has a specific subject, find someone who specializes in that subject and interview them!

For example, if you run a site dedicated to cooking, interview a well-known chef in your city. Ask them about their career and favorite culinary creations. You can even write a follow-up blog about trying one of the recipes they suggested.

Look at Logistics

If you want to get technical, look at the numbers around past blog posts. Look at which keywords did well, which article got the most feedback and which article was shared most.

This could lead you to some great ideas after looking at what went well in the past. Even if things weren’t taken positively, look at what posts created the most conversations.

It’s Easier Than You Think When Learning How to Come up With Ideas for Blog Posts

Learning how to come up with ideas for blog posts doesn’t have to be like training for a marathon. It may seem daunting, but the answers are often hidden in plain sight. You just have to know what you’re looking for.

Whether it’s checking out the competition around you to asking your audience for ideas, you’ll get better at coming up with ideas the more you practice. Don’t be afraid to read your own past blog posts and elaborate on past ideas.

If you’re interested in having some content written for your blog, check out our pricing. You can even submit a writer’s application on our site if writing articles seems like something you’re fit to do!

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