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To Niche Or Not To Niche: 7 Reasons Why You Should Find A Niche For Your Blog

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So you’ve decided to jump in and start a blog but did you find a niche for your blog?

You may notice after a while of writing you may not be getting the traffic you deserve. When it comes to writing a blog, 69.7% of bloggers claim that getting traffic is their main concern.

Without traffic, your writing, no matter how good it is, is falling on deaf ears. Choosing your niche is the #1 tip for getting your blog noticed among your audience.

In this article, we’re talking about why it’s critical to the success of your business to find a niche for your blog.

Grab your laptop, we’re getting started!

7 Reasons Why You Should Find A Niche For Your Blog

Not convinced that specifying your blog with a niche is a good idea?

In theory, it seems like you’re doing yourself a disservice by narrowing yourself down and eliminating demographics, but actually, it is essential to your blog’s future.

It seems that in today’s world, everyone is a blogger.

Worried about succeeding in an over-saturated market? Find a niche.

Worried about lack of credentials? Find a niche.

Worried about competition? Find a niche.

A niche can help you eliminate your competition, gain a loyal audience, and build a brand. Keeping reading to find out why selecting a niche for your blog will skyrocket your success.

1. It Makes You Stand Out

We can all agree that there are tons of healthy eating food blogs out there, even tons of healthy eating, vegan food blogs. As you narrow it down further to healthy, vegan, gluten-free blogs, you start to see the competition die off.

Finding your niche allows you to separate yourself from the generic blogs out there. People will always remember you for catering to that specific group in the market, not getting lost in the land of unoriginality.

2. It Keeps You Focused

As a blogger, it can be difficult to stay focused and close to the vision. Every post must relate back to your vision, your mission, and what you stand for. This is drastically easier when you’re within a niche.

All too often we see generic “news” blogging sites that cover every topic from technology to DIY crafts. It’s hard to bring in loyal fans when you write articles that cover a variety of topics that don’t relate.

The reason why companies have mission statements is that it allows them to think about every move they make, ensuring it reflects back to the sole reason they started that business.

Your blog is no different. It is your business.

3. You’ll Build Loyal Traffic

If you’re blogging for more than just fun, it’s important that you bring in the right kind of traffic. The right niche attracts a specific audience.

If you’re a 26-year-old vegan, are you going to visit a generic healthy living blog by a mom cooking for her family and have to filter for vegan recipes or would you rather head to the one ran by a millennial vegan who travels the country creating vegan recipes from each state?

You, of course, will visit the latter, 100 times over. Why? Because it’s more specific and you can directly relate to the author, almost as if they were writing it for you.

This is what creates loyal web traffic.

4. It Can Bring in the Cash

We now know that right niche brings in the right traffic and the right traffic brings in cash. You can easily become an affiliate for brands or sell ad space to companies that serve your niche.

The key is understanding your audience before marketing to them. If your audience is mostly millennials, they likely have specific traits, like buying to feel good (think Toms or The Elephant Pants) and value experiences over material things.

This will help you narrow down the right affiliate products to sell.

5. You Can Build a Brand Around It

Don’t want to be an affiliate for someone else’s brand? Why not build your own brand?

Now that you’ve narrowed down your blog topic to a specific niche and gained loyal traffic, you can start to develop your own product line, course, or agency that serves your audience.

Without a niche, it’s hard to build a loyal audience, and sell to them.

6. People Will Consider You an Expert

It’s no surprise that as you as you write more and more on a subject, you become more knowledgable.

Your blog establishes your credentials the more you post. You’ll soon become an authority on the subject as your audience grows to respect you and look to you as an expert in the field.

7. Challenges You to Develop Creative Content

Staying within your specific niche challenges you to continually develop new content, engaging topics, and creative solutions. It urges you to regularly connect with your audience to find out what’s bothering them and provide them with creative solutions.

You soon will become a trailblazer in your field, answering questions that no one has answered before which will further attest to your feels.

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