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Updates to Writer Payment Schedule

The iWriter writer payout schedule will change beginning August 28. Due to frequent problems with fraud, we are making the following changes to the writer payout schedule:

1. All writer payments will now be made on Tuesday of each week. Any previously scheduled payments made on Wednesday or on the 5th/25th of the month will now be made each week on Tuesday.

2. All writer earnings will have a 1 week delay before payments are made. Payments made on Tuesday of each week will be for earnings through Monday of the previous week. For example, if $10 was earned for writing an article on Saturday, the payment for that article will be made in 10 days, 1 week from the next Tuesday.

Payments scheduled to be made on Tuesday August 28 and Wed August 29 will be delayed until September 4th due to the new 1 week delay in the payment schedule

We understand that these changes may be inconvenient to some writers but they are necessary to minimize fraud and will allow us to continue to improve the iWriter platform.

Thank you for your understanding regarding these changes.

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