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What Is a Press Release Writing Service?

press release writing service

Let’s face it! Our world has been inundated with endless streams of content—some good, some not so good. In the ever-present online realm, digital and media marketing, how can you stand out against the competition? 

While you could write a press release yourself, would it stand up against your competitors? Are you a professional? If not, no worries. You can always use a press release writing service. 

Press release writing services offer you the opportunity to have your marketing blitzkrieg stand out against the millions of press releases dropping like content-bombs on a daily.

Here are several reasons why hiring a press release writing service can help you gain an edge in today’s content-saturated market. 

1. Instant Media Exposure

Press release writing services know the drill. They’ve been there and done that. They know that what you really want is exposure.

As industry experts in writing press releases, they also know where to send your press release for premium exposure for your event, product or service, new partnership, or charity news cycle. Hiring a press release writing service can save you loads of time on building exposure. 

Not only that, they are professionals. They know what stands out and what doesn’t. Their whole reputation is based on the fact that they can get the right eyeballs on your content. Being professionals in the content writing space is no small feat, especially these days, when anyone can produce content. 

Hiring press release writing services means you’re getting quality work—every time. Work that’s meant to stand out get noticed and create that instant media exposure you’re looking for when it comes to your products or services. 

Content that stands out from the pack always has the potential to get picked up by other publications

2. Boost Your Marketing Plan

Hiring a press release writing service can offer the opportunity to boost your marketing plan. Recent statistics from MarketingProfs state that 71% of all B2B count on content marketing to generate new sales leads. 

Press releases are the perfect addition to your marketing plan because they are designed to be controlled for the purposes of the audience and overall message.

Cost-effective, press releases can be a great catalyst for other forms within your marketing campaign. For instance, one press release can connect to a social media post that leads to your website’s new product or service. 

Additionally, a great press release can set the tone for your branding, such as performing a social service for the community. You can use a press release to present you as a socially responsible brand that cares about the community and connect that through social media marketing stories of how your company gives back to the community. 

3. Opportunity to Become an Expert

Press releases have the opportunity to get picked up by different publications, which can often set you up for branding success as an expert within the space. Being an industry leader and expert in any space provides social proof that you can leverage in other forms of media, be it video, blog content, or interviews. 

Being trusted as an authority builds a reputation for your products and services. 

4. Increased Traffic to Your Site

Press releases with one or two internal links that lead back to your site can increase traffic for your product or service. With media publications picking up press releases that stand out, this could mean a LOT of new eyeballs on your site.

Additionally, if your press releases are optimized for keywords, they can boost your ranking for specific keywords giving you a boost for organic searches for that keyword. If you time your press releases right, you can get a lot of journalists using the press release, which brings more exposure. 

5. SEO Benefits

When your press release is picked up by a variety of publications, it can boost your SEO for keywords, with valuable backlinks to your site. Meanwhile, the more optimized your press release is for SEO, the better it will rank for organic searches.

Creating tags that point to your specific topic along with a set of relevant company-specific keywords can really boost your press releases’ potential for added SEO benefits. 

6. Reach Your Targeted Audience

One of the most specific benefits of using a press release writing service is the opportunity to present your content in front of your targeted audience that needs it most. Press release distribution companies are industry-specific, which allows you to reach a niche targeted audience, which isn’t exactly possible with other forms of media. 

Your targeted niche audience is more likely to respond to specific CTAs than a generic audience. Better still, you can even target by specific location to get maximum benefits to provide much-needed lead generation and sales for services and products. 

7. Make Connections With Influential Media Outlets

When you use a press release writing service, your content stands a better chance of standing head-and-shoulders above the competition. As more journalists become more familiar with your business and the quality of your press releases, it will open doors for you to get more exposure from different publications. 

Over time, this can lead to recognized brand awareness for your press releases and unique company stories that journalists love to share with their readers. Not only will this sustain connections with influential gatekeepers within media, but it will also allow you to jump the slush pile when you build established trust with journalists. 

At the end of the day, journalists have a fundamental function for spreading media across their distribution chains. The more you can provide relevant, valuable content to them, the more likely they will use your future press releases, creating a win-win for both your company and the journalists. 

What Press Release Writing Service Should You Trust? 

If you’re looking for a quality press release writing service, consider using iWriter. We offer various services to help you with your content management, including press releases, blog posts, and more. 

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