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What Is Linkbuilding in SEO?

what is linkbuilding

Over 90 percent of all online experiences start with a search engine. This is why it’s hyper-important to make use of SEO techniques. However, not all traffic to your website is going to come straight from the search engine. 

Sometimes, your interactions are going to start on other people’s websites. This is the basis of the guest post blog content known as linkbuilding. 

But what is linkbuilding? And how does it apply to your website? 

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about this important SEO tactic.

A Way to Increase Your Traffic 

Linkbuilding is, in essence, setting up links on other people’s websites back to blog posts on your page. There’s a reason why the internet is called the net, or, the web. Customers can instantly be linked from a blog post about something only tangentially related, then wind up on your site in a heartbeat. 

You need to take advantage of this. 

Businesses that are set up in person don’t have this luxury. They can’t ask one of the cashiers for a recommendation and immediately get teleported to a different site. The most successful companies in the 21st century are the ones that are able to make use of the unique properties of the internet to build links on their site.

Let’s face it — you’re not going to get everyone on your site through the sheer use of SEO. You can buy tons of great blog content of many different content lengths, and pack it full of SEO keywords, and you’ll still not attract everyone. Certain people are just searching for different things and end up on different corners of the web. 

What is Linkbuilding? 

This is where linkbuilding comes in. You can also pay for what’s known as a guest post. With a guest post, you’re paying for content that won’t appear on your website but the website of a host blog. 

This blog might be about something only tangentially related to your product. However, somewhere within the post, the writer will make sure to make a good case for your product and your website and slide in a link to your site subtlely. 

Linkbuilding is a great way to get people to your website without ever having them think they’re being advertised to. You can think of it as similar to buying a business that’s set up in a popular part of town. It’s not quite the same as advertising, but it’s a surefire way for more people to wind up on your site. 

Weighing Linkbuilding Against On-Site Posting

It’s important to extend your hands out into the world to grab more customers and pull them back to your website. The more hands you have out searching through the web, the more you’re going to pull in.

However, it’s also important to make sure that your host website has built up a certain amount of credibility and avenues for SEO building. You want your website to be able to pull in a good amount of customers on its own. 

Long-Term vs. Short-Term 

However, the main purpose of on-site posting is to build up slowly over a long period of time. People who happen to find your website will come back over and over again if they can tell you provide great content. On-site posting is great for remarketing, which is where most business comes from anyway

Bringing in a quick snap of people in the short term is the domain of linkbuilding. People are likely not going to encounter several of the links back to your website in the wild. However, these links can grab a large number of people, who can all congregate on your website to take in your wonderful on-site content.

Linkbuilding Can Build Relationships

At the end of the day, linkbuilding is a collaborative relationship. You’re not simply putting up your posts in a neutral space, you’re putting it up on someone else’s website. You’re most likely hiring a company to write the actual post, too.

This means that to make one link-building post, you’re interacting with two different companies. Why not use this opportunity to make relationships with these other businesses? 

A relationship with a popular general blog can be very important to you. You can come back to them over time for all sorts of different articles, which all link back to your site. You can also find a group of writers who are perfect for you and order them to build up a long-term, people-grabbing strategy. 

You Can Build Your Brand

People don’t just encounter your business as a “business,” they encounter it as a personality. This is especially true in the hyper-connected 21st century. 

The image you want to put out for your brand has to be a popular, outgoing one. People need to be able to recognize your brand. In order to do that, you have to get people talking about you. 

Linkbuilding works because it gets names on customers’ eyes and in their mouths. Getting those bursts of people onto your website encourages them to share your content and recognize your brand when other ads come up. 

Two people talking about your brand that both discovered you from separate parts of the internet have something to share. They will also be able to see how far they both came to get to you. This will create an image of popularity and engagement. 

Understand Linkbuilding 

As you can see, linkbuilding is very important in any good content strategy. It can help you increase your traffic, grab high-volume, short-term bursts of people, attract attention to your website, and help you build up your brand. 

Now you know the answer to the question, what is linkbuilding? Make use of this information to build yourself a great content strategy today.  

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