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Why You Need Content Writing on Your Website

content writing

You begin a business and are trying to promote your brand, be it writing, selling a product, or providing a service. Custom content writing is key to grabbing and keeping the interest of your potential clients.

The problem is, you are busy running a business. You do not have the ability to make a time commitment to consistent content writing that will keep clients coming back to your website. That is why businesses throughout the world delegate that task to freelance contractors. 

There are approximately 57 million freelance workers in the United States, contributing about $1 trillion to the U.S. economy. Keep reading to learn how to connect with professional freelance writers who provide SEO content writing that will boost your business and sales.

Informative Blogging Draws Readers

When you have a blog that offers consistent, informative content writing, you will draw in both your regular and potential clients. By hiring a content writing service to do your article writing, your website will put forth a professional appearance. The more readers that peruse your website, the greater your opportunity to increase your client base.

Don’t rush to put content on your website that may contain spelling mistakes, bad grammar, and poorly constructed sentences. Poor writing gives the impression you run a sloppy business. This can cost you clients.

The fact is, 38% of the people who land on any website leave within minutes. Only about 50% of the readers scroll to the half-way mark of an article. That isn’t because the article lacks valuable information, it is because it lacks the ability to compel the reader to stay engaged and move forward.

Be Informative, Not Technical

Your audience doesn’t care about how many hours you put into your day, or what steps you take to get them the finished product or service. If you scramble for content and provide them with information that does not keep their interest, they will disengage and go elsewhere.

The key to promoting yourself is to develop appropriate content and avoid making common beginner mistakes. When you use a company that specializes in content writing jobs, you will be working with a professional.

Professional writers have the ability to tackle any subject about your business. They will create content that is readable, informative, and engaging.

Article writing for a business website requires using a professional writer who has the ability to persuade the reader that the service or product the business offers is a “must-have.” They must believe that product or service will make their life easier.

Skilled content writing will guide the reader into taking action on your website. This may be scheduling an appointment or purchasing your product or service.

You must hook in your reader. They must feel as if your business understands them, relates to their need, and cares about fulfilling their needs. Showing why your company stands above the rest helps to create a connection with your audience.

Your Website Needs SEO Content Writing

Understanding the need for content writing is simple. One of the main impacts is that it improves your SEO ranking. By using a professional who understands SEO content writing, your business will climb its way to the top of Google rankings. This means more hits when people search for your product or service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the result of having new, valuable content on your website. This draws more people to your website, and the in traffic helps boost your SEO ranking.

Professionals who specialize in content writing jobs know how to lock into your potential reading base. They use top keywords that have standing in their article writing.

Studies have found that only 17% of marketers are utilizing landing page tests to increase conversion rate optimization (CRO). The conversion rate is the percentage of readers who take the action you desire. This may include purchasing your product or service.

Your CRO is part of your SEO strategy. Of those responding to a Databox survey, 70% said SEO is important for generating sales.

Blogging through professional content writing professionals will keep your website rich in content that attracts traffic and increases your ranking on search engines.

The Story of Your Business

You know your business inside and out, but do you know how to tell its story in a way that will engage the reader?  Business websites are more than just a sales portal, they are the window through which your current and potential clients look to judge you.

By hiring someone who does content writing for a living, you are getting the expertise of someone who takes the creation of your business and writes it into a compelling story. They can take the message you want to portray to the reader and make it happen.

They will be able to churn out a story that makes your business come alive in the reader’s eyes. When they are able to make a connection with the business you have a greater chance of them becoming a loyal client. Don’t run the risk of having old, outdated content that is no longer captivating.

Keep readers happy and coming back with regular new content on the website. Fresh content constantly going up on your website will increase your SEO and drive more new traffic to your website.

The Reasons a Stranger Writes Better

Many businesses worry that a content service writer will not be able to promote their business as well because they do not know the inside workings of the establishment. Actually, just the opposite is true.

Content writers have the training to write about subjects they are not familiar with. They know how to conduct research to provide engaging content directed at the appropriate audience. The professional writer is looking at your business as an outsider and will know what is appealing to someone who is not familiar with your product or service.

By getting a fresh angle on your business, they will generate great content that pushes the elevation of every page of your website. Fresh content on your landing pages and blogs will keep potential clients and current clients engaged, increasing their time on your website and thereby increasing your SEO.

Before putting anything on your website you must evaluate the quality of the item.

  • Is it well written with solid content that engages the reader?
  • Is it relevant to your specific audience?
  • Is the content of your landing pages on point with the message you want to convey?

Those are the three things needed to achieve and by using a content writing service you will achieve all three. Whether looking for someone to write blogs, product descriptions, articles, or eBooks for your business, there is a freelance writer who can provide you with appropriate content.

Increase Your Website Traffic Today

Whether you are just starting out or have a long-standing business with a website that isn’t performing to its full potential, there is a way to increase your CRO.

iWriter provides the highest quality content writing for the lowest prices. Simply post your project and thousands of freelance writers from throughout the world will have the ability to access your order and write your content quickly and professionally.

If you have any questions about our service check out our FAQ section. If you have additional questions feel free to use our online contact form to send us a message.

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