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Blogging for Business: Top 7 Types of Blogs That Make Money

types of blogs that make money

Did you know that top-earning blog owners make an excess of $100,000 per month?

This is some serious money. However, did you also know that what you earn from a blog is also often determined by its type and what niche it’s in?

There are certain types of blogs that make money, and if you’re thinking about building a blog for the revenue it can generate—then you need to know what these are. 

Blogging is a lot of work, and research shows that many bloggers have to work round the clock before they starting earning income. Unless of course, you opt to hire a blog ghostwriter. However, this creates an additional expense that you will need to recoup.

If you’re looking to earn money from blogging, it’s vital that you hone on in a niche that will bring you returns. Ready to find out what these are? Stay with us as we list the 7 types of blogs that make the most money. 

1. Finance

If you want to make money producing content, finance is a great blogging niche to get into. For one, finance is a broad niche that caters to a diverse range of people. This means you won’t easily run out of content topics. 

Second, when it comes to ad revenue, finance niches typically attract the highest bidders and CPMs. 

Because finance is such a competitive realm, advertisers tend to pay more for ad placements. This means that when a finance-related ad displays on your blog, you will earn more than if it was for something like a food service. 

This can make a big difference to the profitability of your blog. In the finance niche, it’s not uncommon to see CPM rates that are double to ten times the amount than for other ad categories. 

If you can attract these high-paying ads on your blog, you will instantly be earning more than other blogs with the same amount of traffic and add views.

Besides this, finance blogs can also join well-paid affiliate programs. By promoting these products and services through your content, you can generate additional revenue. 

2. Business

Other types of blogs that make money are those in the business niche. Like finance, business is a wide category that caters to a diverse range of readers. Besides this, most readers in the finance niche are engaged and looking to solve a problem. 

This can result in great dwell time and ad and affiliate conversations. 

As with finance, you are unlikely to run out of topics to write about if you start a business blog. 

Additionally, business-related ads can also attract good CPM rates. 

3. Parenting

If you’re looking for a wide audience with pressing problems, parenting is a great niche to break into. Not only is this a broad niche with an endless array of topics to cover, but it can also draw a highly engaged readership. 

If you can provide valuable parenting-related info, you’re sure to attract a dedicated readership over time. 

Although parenting does not have the highest CPM rates, it does come with a variety of affiliate opportunities. From parenting-related subscription services to baby items, and more, there is sure to be a wide choice of affiliate opportunities you can apply for and promote. 

If your readers trust your content and advice, there’s a good chance that a percentage of them will be drawn to the affiliate products and services you promote. 

4. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is another niche that can attract a wide audience and one with potential for an infinite amount of topics. From diets to recipes, fitness routines, and mental wellbeing, it’s hard to run out of content ideas if you’re covering health and fitness. 

Compared to niches like finance and business, health and fitness doesn’t have a standout CMP. However, it can draw an even wider readership, and also poses affiliate opportunities. Whether this is from online workout subscriptions, supplements, or books, there many opportunities to promote and earn affiliate revenue within the health and fitness niche. 

5. Fashion

Fashion is another popular and profitable blogging niche. If you are into blogging for money and have an eye for style, then starting a fashion blog could be the way to go. 

Not that into fashion? No problem, simply hire a ghostwriter. Once you start scaling your blog, you can expand your team and publish content from a number of writers. 

Fashion isn’t a niche with a very high CMP, but it is one with affiliate opportunities and a diverse readership.

6. E-Commerce

If you’re hunting for types of blogs that make money, e-commerce is another niche to look into. It attracts decent ad rates, a wide audience, and serves a need. 

Most people who are looking to learn about starting and running e-commerce stores need all the information they can get, which means you should gain an engaged readership.

What’s more, e-commerce also comes with some nice affiliate opportunities, as e-commerce sites and ventures require a variety of online tools.

Monetizing a blog can take some time, however, most affiliate programs offer near-instant rewards. If you can sign up for a variety of e-commerce related affiliate programs, you can start to see income trickling in from the get-go. 

7. Insurance

When it comes to the types of blogs that make money, insurance is right at the top of the list. Even though insurance might sound like a boring topic, it attracts some of the best CPM rates in the business. 

What’s more, insurance is a need-based niche. It’s also one the can attract a diverse audience. 

Now You Know Which Are the Types of Blogs That Make Money

if you’re looking to start blogging for money, it’s essential that you pick the right niche. Otherwise, you might invest a large amount of time, effort, and money without seeing a return. Fortunately, there are a variety of profitable niches you can look into. 

Now that you know which are the types of blogs that make money, the next step is to start producing killer content. 

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