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Part 4

An Intro to Freelancers

Before we get too far along in this course, let’s take a bit of a time out and talk about the freelance writers on iWriter for a moment.

A lot of you have asked me, “Where do these writers come from?  Are they all American writers?”

We actually have writers from all over the globe working for us, although a good portion of them are from the United States.  And all writers start out on iWriter at the “standard” level…regardless of how talented they really are.  Some of the available freelancers may be brand new to writing professionally, while others could be seasoned veterans just establishing themselves on iWriter.


The system works this way so everyone starts on equal footing with the chance to prove their talents.

The iWriter site is also unique in that you are the one who determines if each candidate has what it takes to succeed. We base everything off of the freelancer’s overall star rating- if they do well, then they gain access to higher paying jobs. If they do poorly, then they stay at the standard level or get removed from the site entirely.

This is also a big deal for you, the client, because there are always a number of outstanding writers climbing our ranks to get to better pay levels.  That means you can get excellent writers for a fraction of their actual value if you’re willing to take the time to find them.

Now I have to ask a favor of you…and this is really important.

When you’re paying around $3.00 for 500 words of content, it’s no secret that it will not be the best blog post you’ve ever read.  In fact, some of the content you buy might seem downright average in a lot of ways- but remember that you’re paying three bucks for it.

Most of you probably spend more than that on your morning coffee.

And honestly, most of the writers starting out are not completing the assignment for the three bucks either- they’re doing it for a good feedback score in order to advance to higher pay grades.


I want you to realize that anything less than a five-star rating for a writer seriously hurts them over time.  So if there are some minor issues with the article you receive, send it back for revisions.  Or if the piece is horrible, then by all means reject it all together.  But give these writers a chance to earn five stars on every project they complete.

That’s the only way to ensure that writers deliver their best possible work every time.

Let’s talk about the different writer categories a little bit more.

p4-s1Standard Writers – New writers to the iWriter system that, in most cases, have yet to complete 25 total assignments.  They are the most affordable but also the widest variety in talent.

p4-s2Premium Writers – Veteran writers have completed at least 25 assignments for an average rating of 4.1 or higher.  These are usually solid writers at a budget-friendly price.

p4-s3Elite Writers – Very solid writers have completed at least 30 assignments with a 4.6 overall rating.  If you need great quality in a hurry, elite is the way to go.

p4-s4Elite Plus Writers – These are our top-rated writers that have averaged a 4.85 or higher rating over 40+ assignments.  This category is unique since you can offer an extra premium to get work completed fast.

As I explained earlier, the four tiers can be pretty deceiving.  So remember that the score values separating the premium writers and the elite plus writers are actually pretty narrow.  That means for the vast majority of cases, you can expect solid work from any of the top three tiers.

On the other hand, it is vital to remain realistic.

Just the other day, I saw a marketing firm requesting sales copy for a grand payout of $2.43.  At the time I came across it, the client already had zero approvals and twelve rejections.  That tells me there’s very little chance of them finding success in the standard category.

Yet, they could have offered an extra $3 and probably had this taken care of quickly with a premium-level writer.

The big thing to remember is that you can save a small fortune on quality content with iWriter, but you still have to be reasonable with your expectations.  You won’t find copywriters who bill $250 an hour writing sales pages for three bucks- but you can still get very good quality at a rock bottom price.


So let me tell you how to get the best possible results from every writer you hire…regardless if they’re at the bottom or the top of our ranking/pay-out levels.

First, every quality assignment begins with providing quality information.  So spend an extra moment when filling out your requests to writers.  List as many details as you can under the “special instructions” column as well so the writer has a solid idea of what you’re looking for.  The more you provide, the better the overall quality will be from a solid writer.

Next, pay close attention to your inbox for completed articles since you are only granted three days to approve them, reject them or request changes.  If there’s a problem with the content you received, then be sure to send ample feedback so the writer has a chance to bring the article up to your standards.

Again, the communication here is essential.  The more you provide, the better the results will be.

Finally, if your writer does an excellent job for you, rate them with five stars and add them to your favorites list.  This allows you to use the same writer time and time again, which is really a big benefit to everyone involved.

Tipping is a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done as well. Over time, you’ll want to build up a full stable of writers that can meet your needs at a moment’s notice. So treat your favorite writers well, tip them when it’s deserved and be generous with feedback. As long as you’re realistic with your expectations and willing to pay a little extra for top quality, you will be very happy with the content that’s delivered to you.

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