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Why is Blog Post Content So Important to My Google Rank?

post content

Did you know that, as you read this, there are a whopping 181 million active websites on the internet? With that number, it’s easy to see how fast your website could fade into oblivion. Nonetheless, one of the proven techniques you can employ to safeguard your website from suffering that fate is by starting a blog. This […] Read more»

What Does Metadata Tagging Have to Do With SEO?

metadata tagging

If you’ve ever wondered how search engines sort their results, keep reading. Companies have engaged in outbound marketing channels like print and display ads forever, and inbound marketing has become another essential piece of a company’s business presence. Good inbound marketing converts people who already want what you sell to customers who buy what you sell. That conversion happens […] Read more»

What is a Keyword Tag? Understanding Metadata HTML Tags on Posts

keyword tag

At this moment, there are over 1.6 billion websites online. To say that’s a lot of competition is an understatement. So what do you do when you’re trying to get your website noticed, to stand out from all that competition? You’re going to have to get into SEO, at a certain point, if you want your website […] Read more»

What Should I Write About on My Blog?

what should i write about

Did you know even the most famous writers, such as Toni Morrison and Ray Bradbury, suffer from writer’s block? If you just started blogging and don’t know what to write about, then don’t feel bad. While your readers will only witness the genius finished result of your literary masterpiece (i.e. your blog), they don’t experience […] Read more»

First Blog Post Examples: What Does a Successful First Post Look Like?

first blog post examples

You’ve read somewhere how crucial blogging is for your business, and it’s true. Blogging is a powerful way to boost your marketing and connect with your audience. If you don’t have one, learning how to blog is paramount. 53% of marketers say that blogging is their top priority. Without it, you’re risking your SEO to […] Read more»

The First Blog Post: How to Create, Edit, and Publish

first blog post

2 million blog posts go up online daily. And you may be about to join their ranks. Almost one-fourth of all websites are blogs, and with those statistics, it can make many people feel paralyzed when it comes to writing their first blog post. Whether you’re writing a personal blog, a blog post for a website […] Read more»

Easy On the Eyes: 7 Insider Tips on Following the Ideal Blog Post Layout

blog post layout

So you’re a blogger and you want to know what looks best for your viewers. A proper blog post layout is critical for keeping a reader’s attention and improving your SEO. Take some advice from the pros. Here are the insider tips on making your blog look more professional. Why Layout Matters There are many […] Read more»

Every Word Counts: How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

how long should a blog post be?

Video and voice may be the hot new content platforms in marketing, but nothing beats a well-written blog post for getting people’s attention. Blog posts can be useful marketing tools, can boost your SEO, and help your overall brand presence online. When you first start dabbling in content writing and marketing, there are a lot of […] Read more»

Swimming Up Mainstream: 10 Clever Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed by Mainstream Media

get your blog noticed

There are currently over 400 million people reading blogs every day. If your blog isn’t one of them, or if you want a bigger slice of that 400 million, what can you do? There are the usual routes of paid advertising, social media campaigns, grinding hard to develop your blog, etc. While those methods work, […] Read more»

Going Viral: 6 Common Traits Of A Viral Blog Post

viral blog

Facebook users alone trigger 4 million likes every minute. Most of those posts will never make it to viral blog status, but some will. Have you ever wondered how to improve your blogs (without posting playful kitten videos) to get the traction, comments and sharing that you crave? Find out the six most common traits/strategies you can use to make […] Read more»

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