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Everything You Need to Know About Easy Accessibility on Your Website

easy accessibility

You’ve worked incredibly hard to establish a winning brand for your company or even for yourself. After months of planning, coordinating, and researching your market, you’re finally ready to start building your website. You know you need to think about SEO, mobile optimization, quick loading speeds, and of course, engaging content. However, there’s one big […] Read more»

Who? What? and When: A Complete Guide to Black, White, and Grey SEO

black white and grey

Over 50% of website traffic comes from search engines.  Yet, 65% of clicks happen on the first five search results. With hundreds of thousands of searches happening every second, the top five is where you want to be.  In a perfect world, your business appears in the first spot on Google. Furthermore, it shows up there […] Read more»

How Long Should a Blog Post Be for Maximum SEO? A Complete Guide

how long should a blog post be

Companies that blog receives 55% more visitors to their website than those that don’t. They also receive 97% more links to their website. It’s clear that blogging is a vital part of SEO, but to get all the benefits it offers, you have to get it right. Not all blogs are created equal and when it […] Read more»

Marketing Measurement 101: Key Content Marketing Metrics Defined

marketing measurement

What if your company had no way of determining if your marketing was effective or not? Marketing makes up a large chunk of every major company’s budget. However, many of those companies have no way of knowing whether they are getting their money’s worth or not. The only way to assess your marketing ROI is […] Read more»

11 Reasons Why Using Images on your Blog is Very Important

using images on your blog

Are you having a hard time getting traffic from search engines and social media? Maybe you’re wondering how to get more attention to your blog posts? Today, we want to share with you one aspect of blog content that can help you get more eyeballs on your content. Remember, if you want to have a […] Read more»

How to Incorporate Visual Marketing into Your Content Strategy

visual marketing

Over 30% of marketing professionals say that visuals and images are the most important and effective aspect of a company’s digital advertising strategy. In fact, even just including an accompanying visual with your content makes consumers remember about 65% of the information they read three days later — much higher than the standard 10% retention rate of content […] Read more»

Tips on How Often You Should Blog and Make New Posts

how often you should blog

“You should upload a new blog post to your website every day.”  “If you don’t blog at least 2-3 times a day, your site will get buried in search engine results.”  “Don’t overdo it — blogging once a week is enough to make an impact on your target market.” If you’re trying to figure out […] Read more»

How the FANBOYS Acronym Can Improve Your Content

fanboys acronym

Communication is a very important skill that should be learned otherwise we would not be able to achieve most of the things we need to do. Every living thing has a communication ability, some plants, for example, react to certain weather and atmospheric conditions. It is through this communication medium that we are able to […] Read more»

8 Reasons Why You Need a Content Manager

content manager

Content manager sounds like one of those modern titles no one understands. In today’s market though, this position has become extremely valuable. If you’re running an online business that shares information of any kind, you need to have a content expert working for you. Why is it important to find an experienced, competent individual who […] Read more»

Making a Blog Edit: A Beginners Guide to Editing Blog Posts

blog edit

Finally! Finally! Your blog post is finished. You slam the computer shut as if it just offended you and run for your life. Writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and doing a blog edit excites even fewer people. Continue reading this article for simple tips to make your blog editing less of a drag. The […] Read more»

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