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Every Word Counts: How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

how long should a blog post be?

Video and voice may be the hot new content platforms in marketing, but nothing beats a well-written blog post for getting people’s attention. Blog posts can be useful marketing tools, can boost your SEO, and help your overall brand presence online. When you first start dabbling in content writing and marketing, there are a lot of […] Read more»

Swimming Up Mainstream: 10 Clever Ways To Get Your Blog Noticed by Mainstream Media

get your blog noticed

There are currently over 400 million people reading blogs every day. If your blog isn’t one of them, or if you want a bigger slice of that 400 million, what can you do? There are the usual routes of paid advertising, social media campaigns, grinding hard to develop your blog, etc. While those methods work, […] Read more»

Going Viral: 6 Common Traits Of A Viral Blog Post

viral blog

Facebook users alone trigger 4 million likes every minute. Most of those posts will never make it to viral blog status, but some will. Have you ever wondered how to improve your blogs (without posting playful kitten videos) to get the traction, comments and sharing that you crave? Find out the six most common traits/strategies you can use to make […] Read more»

To Niche Or Not To Niche: 7 Reasons Why You Should Find A Niche For Your Blog

find a niche

So you’ve decided to jump in and start a blog but did you find a niche for your blog? You may notice after a while of writing you may not be getting the traffic you deserve. When it comes to writing a blog, 69.7% of bloggers claim that getting traffic is their main concern. Without traffic, your writing, […] Read more»

How To Come Up With Brilliant Blog Ideas: 8 Useful Hacks

blog ideas

Blog ideas are not difficult to find. In fact, we’ve discussed easy-peasy strategies for a content generation strategy before. But discovering ideas that can help you stand out from the millions of bloggers talking about the same thing? That’s another story. To say the field is saturated is a bit of an understatement. In fact, it’s […] Read more»

Is It Time To Outsource Your Blog? 6 Signs You Should Hire A Blog Writing Service

blog writing service

What if writing a blog could be as easy as ordering an Uber? You just enter some values into a form and then pay for what you use. Sounds great, right? It’s probably a lot easier than your current blog writing process, which – let’s face it – isn’t what you’d like it to be. […] Read more»

Written Content Is King: Top 5 Blog Marketing Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019

marketing trends

Did you realize that content marketing receives nearly 3 times the leads as paid search campaigns? Whether you are blogging to draw attention to your business or give your unique perspective on the world, keeping your content engaging and current is a must. Modern consumers are hungry for information, which is why written content is […] Read more»

Why Do People Blog? A Look at the Perks of Personal and Professional Blogging

why do people blog

It seems like everywhere you turn on the internet there’s a blog for someone. Whether it’s a food blog, fashion blog, finances blog, or sports blog there’s something out there to spark your interest and get a little read time in.  With tens of millions of bloggers in the United States alone, one has to wonder: […] Read more»

Blog vs Vlog: What You Need to Know About These 2 Content Trends

blog vs vlog

Is your head spinning trying to think of ways to create content? To appropriately use your keywords for SEO success? You’re not alone. It’s a lot to handle, especially if you’re a small operation. But don’t panic. There are ways to use your keywords as well as deliver content to your customers that match your […] Read more»

Hitting It Big: 5 Wildly Successful Blogs (And What We Can Learn From Them)

successful blogs

Are you a blogger? If you aren’t, there’s still a good chance you’ve considered it. With the current levels of social media oversaturation, you may feel like your blog would be lost in the shuffle.  After all, 79% of Americans are on Facebook today. With the advent of internet sharing (and occasional oversharing), you may wonder […] Read more»

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