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An Introduction to Professional Writing

Chapter 1.

Hello. My name is Keith Koons and I have been a professional copy writer for approximately 14 years now. I have also owned several businesses over the years, worked in corporate management, and experienced a lot of success…yet I choose to be a freelance writer. Why? Well, for one- I’m very good at it and […] Read more»

How Do Writers Grow Over Time?

Chapter 2. Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Elite Plus iWriter?

Remember the other day when I told you that I started out exactly where you are as a freelance writer? I definitely wasn’t exaggerating. At the time, I had sold my Italian restaurant, took about six months off and eventually settled on a job with the State of South Carolina. It seemed great on paper. […] Read more»

Everything You Need to Know about Keywords

Chapter 3. Is Your Wording Choices Actually Hurting Your Articles?

As you’ve probably learned on your own by now, keywords are an essential part of every article you write.  But before we even start today’s lesson I want to make one thing crystal clear- the quality of your writing is ALWAYS more important than how you use keywords in an article. Now, that’s not to […] Read more»

Writing the Perfect First Paragraph

Chapter 4. Writing is a Lot like Fishing- You Need to Know How to Set Your Hook!

Have you ever heard the term “elevator pitch” before? That’s a phrase that entrepreneurs use to describe a short statement they prepare to impress potential investors. The premise behind the phrase is that you run into someone who could completely change the course of your life for the better, but you’re only going to have […] Read more»

The Ultimate Page Layout for Generating Hype

Chapter 5. Great Page Copy Becomes Even Greater with the Right Layouts

I’m going to let you in on a little copywriting secret today right off the bat-are you ready for it? How you format an article can sometimes be more powerful than the actual words on the page. Why? Just think about how you read things these days: Where you get your news from around the […] Read more»

Learning to Fully Engage your Readers

Chapter 6. Today’s the Day You’ll Transform from Blogger to Copywriter

The neighborhood I grew up in had about 200 acres of woods on the outskirts, which was basically every growing boy’s definition of awesome. I can remember building tree forts and the smell of the campfires and so many other things that most kids never get to experience- like the time I was being hunted […] Read more»

Ways to Improve Your Writing Abilities Quickly

Chapter 7. Prepare Yourself for Insider Writing Secrets Galore

Since this initial iWriter series is coming to a close, we don’t have a lot of time left to help you focus on what really matters as a freelance writer. So I’m going to take this time today to tell you about some things that you can do to quickly strengthen your writing ability. For […] Read more»

Dedicating Yourself towards Writing Success

Chapter 8. Following your passions to create an amazing career in writing

Before I share anything else, I wanted to start this extended chapter by expressing how heartwarming all of your emails have been over the past several weeks. Your response to this series has been absolutely incredible and it became quickly apparent that this series wasn’t yet complete. Due to your overwhelming desire to perfect your […] Read more»

Writing a Sample that Always Gets Noticed

Chapter 9. Create the “Most Amazing Thing I’ve Ever Seen” paragraph

Hiya fellow iWriters! I’m sure that you’re anxious to hear about the contest results so we will tackle that right off the bat. Out of the 600+ total entries, there were about 35 total samples that would be considered “perfect”. In other words, those entries followed all the instructions, submitted two error-free paragraphs and met […] Read more»

Making Points that Stand Out to Readers

Chapter 10. If you want to truly grow into a truly elite writer
Making Points that Stand Out to Readers

Greetings fellow iWriters! Before we get into today’s writing lesson, I wanted to apologize for the delay in this series. I had a serious medical issue creep up a few months ago and my doctors forced me to take some downtime. Everything is fine now and I feel great- maybe even better than great. I’m […] Read more»

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